Monday, May 22, 2017

Tricked and Pranked TG - Eli

I guess it probably seems kind of strange that I'm suddenly submitting two caps in two days after a whole lot of nothing since July but 1) I've already been submitting them on my deviant art for a while and 2) OH WELL!

I wrote this one around back in July (while I was finishing up the last part of the Dave and Jadon series) so I think it's pretty good but I don't remember much about it, other than I wanted to find a more or less believable reason that the TG'd guy in the photo would be smiling and posing like that

Little tangent since I don't have much to say, bodysuit captions have never really been my thing (although I've always preferred them to magic tg captions generally speaking), which might be surprising to hear coming from me since I've written a few of them. What I've realized is it's not that I have any problems with bodysuit caps specifically, it's that 1) I'm not that big into heavy duty bondage stuff, latex and such, so the idea of being trapped in a costume isn't appealing to me in and of itself and 2) I'm not a big fan of reading about the process of the transformation in captions (in the case of the bodysuit the actual putting on and sealing of the bodysuit). That being said I think bodysuits can be used well as a trope in captions that are more to my taste easily! It's a good trope for any caption where the TG'd person willingly puts on the suit, like in this one, and then gets permanently stuck by accident or through sabotage (like here).


Comments appreciated!

If anyone knows the name of the model let me know so I can properly attribute!

I do not own this picture. 

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